Corfu Sailing Club's Restaurant Menu



Marinated olives
variety of olives in olive oil flavored with fresh herbs

with galotiri (traditional cheese), avocado, cherry tomatoes, sweet boukovo, mint

Stuffed eggplant rolls
vegetable risotto, cream cheese, mint, pine nuts, tomatoes

Cheese croquettes on fyllo kadaifi
with honey, sesame and pink pepper

Napoleon “Amalthea”
goat cheese, portobello mushrooms, zucchinis, aubergines, tomatoes, caramelized onions, florina peppers cream

Tuna tartare
avocado, pickled fennel, spring onions, peperoncino, salted pine nuts, citrus vinaigrette with mango

Steamed mussels
with white wine, butter, garlic and fresh herbs

Bourekakia mousaka
ground beef ragout, eggplants, bésamel sauce, wrapped in traditional phyllo with tomato coulis


Greek salad
barley nut, tomato, cucumber, onion, green pepper, feta cheese, olives, origano and extra virgin olive oil

Corfiot salad
with Corfiot graviera, numbulo, green apple, sykomaida (fig paste), walnuts, fresh vegetables with aged balsamic vinegar

Salad with marinated solmon and avocado
with a variety of fresh vegetables, onion, pickled cucumber, radish, black seed oil and mustard, honey and lime sauce

Salad with watermelon and feta-cheese-mousse
grilled watermelon, feta-cheese-mousse, grilled baby lettuce, tomato confit, pickled cucumbers, spinach, chives, carob rusks, watermelon vinaigrette


Fish soup “Kakavia”
with fresh fish, shrimps*, mussels, freshly cut vegetables and safran

Greek style cold soup (gazpacho style)
tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, olives, tsalafouti-cheese, croutons


Mediterranean penne
with olive oil, cherry tomatoes, olives, garlic, basil, farmer cheese

Spaghetti “Frutti di Mare”
fresh fish, srimps*, kalamari*, mussels, cherry tomato, garlic, parsley and olive oil

Penne with chicken
with heavy cream, Corfiot noumpoulo, black garlic, white wine, spring onion, spinach and Corfiot graviera cheese


Grilled octopus*
with fava beans, caramelized onions, fresh herbs and lemon oil dressing

Grilled squid*
hummus with white tarama (greek fish roe dip), fresh herbs, lemon and olive oil dressing

“Mandraki” shrimps*
olive oil, tomato, lemon thyme, white wine, crawfish broth and celeriac puree

Grilled sea breame fillet
with vegetable ratatouille and green aioli sause

Steamed sea bass fillet
sautéed seasonal greens, sanguine-ginger-louise sauce

Tuna fish with oxymeli dressing
celeriac puree, grilled baby lettuce, oxymeli (vinegar-honey) dressing

For Fresh Fish of the day please ask the waiter

* frozen


Stuffed chicken breast in yoghurt crust
sous vide. stuffed with corfiot graviera-cheese and florina peppers. Smoked aubergine purée, sweet curry sauce

Venetian Beef liver
with bacon, onion and aged balsamic vinegar, served with potato puree

Marinated lamb skewers
lamb skewer with crispy salad, mini sauteed potatoes and fresh yogurt sauce with sweet chili

Grilled picanha steak
picanha beef 350 gr sautéed baby potatoes, espresso butter with black garlic and herbs

Daily special cuts
different cuts of beef and pork upon availability please ask your waiter.


*in all of our dishes we use only extra virgin olive oil and we cook with extra virgin olive oil


Semifreddo ice cream with almond crocants, meringues, kumquat liqueur and melted chocolate

Greek orange pie
with yoghurt cream and caramel syrup

Double chocolate
chocolate mousse, bitter namelaka, sacher, chocolate sample and kumquat marmalade

Sorbet duet
sorbet duet from black chocolate and Corfiot wild strawberries


For Vegan options ask the specific Menu

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